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Railway engineering services

Railway and metro viaducts, railway and metro stations, workshops, depots, technical buildings, marshalling yards, alignment design, functional analysis, interoperability, superstructure, cost-benefit analysis, functional analysis, urban integration, risk analysis

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Depots and Workshops

Depots and workshops are essential infraestructures for the correct functionality of railway and metro systems. Although they should be carefully planned and designed not all the design teams have the right experience to deal with the special requirements in space and equipment that these infrastructure demand.


Our engineers in BEWS have participated in the detail design of  a large number of depot and workshops in the past including the 20,000m2 two-level workshop for L9/L10 metro line in Barcelona, the underground workshop and depot for Riyadh L5 metro, the workshops and depots for Setif tramway, the workshops for conventional and  high speed railway in Fuencarral (Mdrid) or the workshops at Tanzania Morogoro Makutupora line. We have the experience. Let us help you.

Metro and railway design

The planning, conception and design of all types of infraestructures for metro lines is one of our core experiences. We have participated in the design of many metro lines in the past including L9/L10 in Barcelona, L4 in Lima, L5 in Riyadh or REM in Montreal. We can assist you in all design phases from feasibility studies and cost-benefit evaluations to detail design and commissioning of new lines.

As per railway design we have participated in all design stages on very large projects in Spain, Algeria, Ethiopia, Cameroun and Tanzania. 

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Railway and Metro bridges

Railway functionality demands make railway bridge design significantly different from road bridge design. Railway structures are more rigid vertically but specially horizontally to fulfill the requirements of rail-structure interaction, as defined in EN1990 or UIC 774-3R. 


For more than 20 years, our engineers have designed railway bridges of all structural types and in all types of conditions. Let it be steel or composite, prestressed concrete, advance cantilever, incremental launching, precast,in-situ, conventional or singular in BEWS we  can assist you in all phases of design, from the feasibility studies to detail design. Following all types of standards, from EN and BS to Arema.


Railway and metro stations

When it comes to railway or metro station design it is not just an appealing architectonic solution what it is required, but a design that by analyzing the functional requirements for passengers in service and in emergency conditions and the requirements for equipments (notably the ventilation) finds a good, simple and proportionate solution for the spaces and for the movement flows of the people. A comprehensive multidisciplinary approach is needed balancing the constraints given by geotechnics and structures, architecture and MEP. 


Our team of architects and engineers, led by Eng Ingrid Raventós, has excelled during the last years in doing so, by participating in the design of more than 50 metro or railway stations around the world.

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